ImOS – Chapter 49: Dazzling Penta Kill

The follow-up E after landing had reduced Poppy and Trundle’s speed before Xiao Ran immediately started to kite them.

All of the mechanics seemed like they were executed in a spark.

There wasn’t any trace of anxiety.

Poppy’s player frowned and said, “If this carries on, I will be killed by his normal attack. Let’s retreat.”

“You back off a little, I will tank the damage. Turn back afterwards and we will kill him together.” Trundle didn’t wish to release the meat that was already in his mouth.

Kog’Maw had a huge bounty, killing him would reward a lot of gold.

Furthermore, there was also a dying Lulu at the side…

After Trundle spoke, he charged at Kog’Maw fearlessly.

But before Trundle arrived beside Kog’Maw, Lulu used her E spell, ‘Help, Pix!’ and placed it on Kog’Maw.

Help, Pix!: 

On Ally Cast: Commands Pix to jump to an ally and then follow and aid their attacks instead of Lulu’s for 6 seconds. If the ally is a champion, Pix shields them for 2.5 seconds.

On Enemy Cast: Pix deals magic damage to target enemy unit. Pix then follows and grants True Sight of them for 4 seconds.

When Xiao Ran saw Xiaoqiang putting the E spell on him, he quickly said, “Use the Q spell to hit Poppy.”

If Xiao Ran didn’t mention it, Xiaoqiang would definitely cast the Q spell at Trundle.

It was fortunate that Xiao Ran mentioned it in time. Xiaoqiang startled for a moment before controlling Lulu and executed the Q spell, ‘Glitterlance’ at Poppy.

Glitterlance: Lulu and Pix each fire a piercing bolt dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and 70% to all additional enemies. Enemies hit are slowed by 80% decaying over the next 2 seconds.

After Poppy’s speed was reduced, it was hard for her to even run. Xiao Ran controlled Kog’Maw to give chase and executed normal attacks.

Poppy’s health was already low. After getting chased after and attacked by Kog’Maw and Lulu, she was only left with a speck of health.

“WTH, what kind of wicked damage is this!?” Poppy cursed before there was a ‘bang’ as she used her Flash.

But the instant Poppy used Flash, Kog’Maw raised his head and opened his mouth to release an R spell.

After the ‘bang’, Poppy’s Flash allowed her to teleport and pulling away from Kog’Maw and Lulu.

But before Poppy could stand firm, there was another ‘bang’. Kog’Maw’s R spell descended and blasted on Poppy.


It was a firm and heavy sound, like a drop of water falling into a boiling wok of oil. It had simply stunned Ergua, Jay Chou, fat chick, and even Xiaoqiang who was still in pursuit of Poppy!!

Poppy responded by falling onto the ground.

The female system voice echoed with an excited voice:

“Quadra Kill!!!”

The Mouth of the Abyss: “Hunger never sleep!”
(TL note: The Mouth of the Abyss is a title and that statement is one of Kog’Maw’s quotes in the game)

Kog’Maw, Quadra Kill!!

“6666666!!” Ergua couldn’t help but praise loudly.

“Wow, this godlike mechanics!!” The fat chick was so shocked that she covered her mouth.

Xiaoqiang who was the only survivor apart from Xiao Ran. He was very clear how intense this fight was and couldn’t help but say, “This hand speed, this reaction! Oh my god!!”

Jay Chou rubbed his chin, “Aiyo, Quadra Kill, not bad eh!”

“Smell soft flesh!”

This fight wasn’t over.

In the waves of exclamations, Xiao Ran didn’t stop controlling his Jungler Kog’Maw.

Normal attack, shift back a little and normal attack again.

Trundle’s health was starting to decrease.

After kiting a few more attacks, Kog’Maw’s W spell had finished its cooldown and Xiao Ran immediately executed it again.

This time, Xiao Ran didn’t even kite. He simply stood straight and showed Trundle his prowess.

It was a live demonstration of a cannon.

 With Kog’Maw’s current attack speed, three normal attacks flew out in an instant.

To a half-tank Support Trundle, the newly patched Kog’Maw was his worst nightmare!

Finally, Xiao Ran used his R spell and coordinated with his normal attacks to kill Trundle.

Trundle’s body fell over when his health was emptied.

“Penta Kill!”

The female system voice announced cruelly.


Kog’Maw stood still and shook its head.

Within the vision range, there wasn’t any more standing opponents.


Inside the luxurious internet cafe…

One of the youths tilted his head and looked at his mid-lane teammate and mumbled, “This Kog’Maw is a little too aggressive right?”

“WTH, this Kog’Maw actually turned the tables on us?”

“This Kog’Maw… is a little incredible.”

“Yea.” The Rek’Sai player finally nodded and agreed. He then slowly shook his head, “Since I started playing this game, I have been playing the jungler position. I never expected that Jungler Kog’Maw can be so formidable.”

“He is only Gold II? I won’t believe it even if you beat me to death. How can a Gold II Kog’Maw play so well?”

“God damn it, we must have encountered a smurf account.”

After the Penta Kill, Xiao Ran’s Kog’Maw’s KDA had reached 9/0/0.

Xiao Ran took a glance at his KDA and laughed heartily, “My Kog’Maw is truly incredible. Another Penta Kill.”

This Penta Kill had basically shocked the crowd!

But why are you praising yourself?

Ergua, Xiaoqiang, and the fat chick couldn’t help but roll their eyes.

Director Chou was the only person who spoke seriously, “Aiyo, Penta Kill, not bad eh. It is as incredible as my Master Yi. Let me tell you, my Master Yi has also gotten a Penta Kill before.”

“Yes, yes, yes, my Master Yi had also gotten a Penta Kill. My Master Yi is also extremely formidable.” Xiao Ran nodded forcefully. He loved to use Master Yi to bully noobs and the viewers in the streaming room loved to watch it too.

Every time he used Master Yi to bully noobs, his worship point would increase insanely.

“Your Master Yi had also gotten Penta Kill? Aiyo, you are as incredible as me eh. Also, my Jungler Warwick is incredible as well.”

Ergua, Xiaoqiang, and fat chick were speechless again.

It was already enough for Director Chou to be haughty. There was another individual now.

When two haughty individuals were together, they were truly like birds of the same flock as they wantonly bragged their achievements…

It wasn’t entirely correct. Xiao Ran had true capabilities while Director Chou was truly just bragging…

After the fight at the dragon pit, the entire match’s flow had been set.

Xiao Ran’s group had the advantage of two Infernal Drakes and three turrets.

Especially Xiao Ran’s 9/0/0 Kog’Maw… He was able to disregard everything at this point.

After activating W, Kog’Maw would attack anyone in sight and follow up with an R. It was an inhumane and merciless slaughter.

For the rest of the fights, there was basically no more suspense.

Xiao Ran’s Jungler Kog’Maw didn’t just have the advantage of items, in such a situation, the rest of the teammates were also brilliantly carried.

Fat chick’s Malphite made an error in positioning?

It didn’t matter. Kog’Maw was behind. Malphite simply had to start the fight with his ult and Ace the enemy team!

Jay Chou’s Vayne was knocked up by Rek’Sai?

No worries. Kog’Maw was behind. EQWR combo and the tanky Rek’Sai would be over. Ashe was also in the fight, she didn’t even have time to release her ult before dying together with Rek’Sai.

Malzahar and Trundle finally managed to catch Kog’Maw farming alone?

Keke, I have God’s Vision and I already knew you two were coming. I am just afraid the two of you wouldn’t come.

So what if Malzahar has his ult? Don’t you see I already have the Mercurial Scimitar? Once I activate Quicksilver and follow up with the EQWR combo… Double Kill!

The current Jungler Kog’Maw had the damage output that could shred the enemy champion’s armor with ease. After activating W, Kog’Maw became a horrific tank killer.

It was best not to mention the fragile Ashe.

“Ahhh, my Jungler Kog’Maw is too powerful now…” Xiao Ran sighed.

Ergua, Xiaoqiang, and fat chick exchanged looks:

I have never seen such a shameless individual!

Oh, not right!

It is another shameless individual!!!

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