Prologue NOW!

Hi everyone!

My prologue is released! If you guys would like to read up on my original web novel, please look at the top right hand corner on the “Prologue” page, for Mobile users will be at the menu.

I will be releasing in Pages, so you don’t have to keep looking at where is the (Next >>>) button.

Although its my original web novel, I take a lot of references and inspiration from other Japanese and Korean light novels. But I hope everyone will like it and start following it.

I may introduce what light novels I’ve read so far and do reviews on them if people start requesting for it.

So far, I am still writing all these myself, with a friend helping me to edit some of my sentence structure. But I will release what I have written in parts so no one will have to wait for too long.

If there is anything you would wish for me to add in, please do let me know. I welcome all sorts of ideas.

Please follow Jin on his adventure in the Alternate World!



Prologue on the way

Hi everyone!

I am now in the midst of editing my web novel called, “Chef in an Alternate World”

Its a story about Jin the owner chef. After a long day’s work, he went back to sleep and woke up in an alternate world.

He explored the place, only to find a black serpent crashing towards him. The only weapon he had was his trusty kitchen knife!?

That’s all for today.

Look forward to my first web novel tomorrow!