Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Part 1

What is going on here? Who was that announcing?

Looking around to see if there was anyone around, but couldn’t see any hint of life. After moving around, I felt much stronger than I was ever before.


Nothing happened


A window appear in front of my face.

As expected this world had a game like system. Before taking over as owner of the diner, I was an avid gamer that played so much, I almost go kick out of the house for doing nothing but playing games.

Name Jin Race Human
Rank S/4th Class Job Class Combat Chef
Health (HP)
38,700 Mana (MP)
Strength (STR)
402 + 500 Dexterity (DEX)
596 + 500
Intelligence (INT)
209 + 500 Agility (AGI)
402 + 500
Stamina (STA)
209 + 500 *Cooking (COOK)
Title Sky Beast Slayer

(3870 points available)

Fire Affinity
Knife Arts
Dismantle – Expert

This is definitely a cheater’s stats..

Seems like the cooking stats boosted all my stats due to my job class being Combat Chef.

Combat Chef – You will have the cooking stats, each stats in cooking will be added to you other base stats.


Sky Beast Slayer

– Increase damage resistance against Sky Beast species (80%)

– Increase damage dealt to Sky Beast species (100%)


Fire Affinity (Level 1/10) ~ Not learned

– Fire based attacks are more effective (20%)

Knife Arts (Level 1/10) ~ Not learned

– Knife based attacks are more effective (15%)

Dismantle – Expert (Level 1/10) ~ Not learned

– Speed of dismantling increased (15%)

Skills are related to what I know in real life.

Seeing that I have 3870 skill points available, I proceeded to max out my current skills.


Fire Affinity (Level 10/10)

– Fire based attacks are more effective (200%)

Knife Arts (Level 10/10)

– Knife based attacks are more effective (150%)

Dismantle (Level 10/10)

– Speed of dismantling increased (150%)

You have 3840 skill points left

Ahh, cheat mode activated huh..

I tried out a few things in this world.

Running at top speed, I can run at 80 km/h without feeling tired after 15 minutes (Agility + Stamina stats)

Lifting massive boulders with ease (Strength stats)

Carving rocks into intricate shapes (Dexterity stats)

Jumping 100 meters vertically and landing without any injuries. I got a shock of my life during the fall though, but somehow calmed down and assumed a proper landing stance (Intelligence stats).

I am practically indestructible.

If I was to be discovered having these abilities, most likely I would be subjected to human experiment. So I decided to keep a low profile on these stats for the time being.

Next, I went on to test other things.


An item window appeared in front of him.

Being an owner of a business, money was the first thing I took notice of.

There was a total of 4 different currencies:

  1. Uruk Empire (u)
  2. Kingdom of Camelot (c)
  3. Zidai Dynasty (z)
  4. Sindria Nations (s)


I can see the currencies but it’s all zero?!

Looks like money   will be an issue here. Still that’s a lot of money those monsters had.”And there is still so much things I do not know about this world.

Judging from the 4 currencies, there should be at least 4 countries/factions in this continent at least.

Then I saw if there was any equipment dropped… There was only one weapon, {Lucifer’s Chef Knife}

This is the knife which I used to stab the eye of that serpent. This knife definitely is my beloved knife which I always used.

{Lucifer’s Chef Knife}: Unique knife which can only be wielded by Jin

Durability: Indestructible

Requirement: Jin

Hell’s Kitchen (set):

Lucifer’s Chef Knife (Obtained)

Shiva’s Paring Knife (Not Obtained)

Hades’ Serrated Knife (Not Obtained)

Loki’s Boning Knife (Not Obtained)

Oni’s Cleaver (Not Obtained)

Looks like a gift to accompany me in this new world. And looks like I have four other knives to seek out for.

I tested the Dismantle skills using my trusty knife.

Skin of the black serpent was ripped out easily. [Serpent Queen’s Skin x10 obtained]

I pulled out the fangs on from the huge mouth. [Serpent Queen’s Fangs x2 obtained]

The dismantled materials get absorbed into my item box automatically. It seems the bones, meat and other parts doesn’t get sorted.

Due to the aftermath of the battle from the sky beasts, I had dust all over his body. I walked towards the stream to get cleaned, only to find the shock of my life.

I look like a 15 year old?!

Remembering my youth days, I recalled my cute ex-girlfriend who was my junior from the cooking club. Girls all seem to be smitten by my looks: uninterested, silent, bad-boy looking.

In the reflection of the water was a face I once had when I was the hot topic of girls in school. Stop getting surprised over every other thing!

I then realized this is my chance for a life that I have dreamed of. With these stats, I can be a hero or even the strongest human.

I need to find out more about this world. Does people know their own levels? Are they able to choose their skills? Or is it just me?

Tons of questions are swarming my mind right now.

I followed the stream of water, thinking it should lead a village or a town. After running for 5 hours straight, finally a village was in sight.

From far, farmlands were plotted along the stream for irrigation. Seems like the main crops were barley wheat. The farmers doesn’t seem to have crop cycle knowledge as all the crops are barley wheat, with only a few crops of tomatoes and leafy greens.

All the villagers were staring at me.. Travelers do not seem often visit this village I guess.

As I walked towards the village, two man who looked like guards came running towards me.


“Hey! Stop there!”

The guard looks like he was at least 2 meter in size ran towards me with his hand raise, show me to stay at where I stand. I shall name him Mr.Muscle

“Name yourself and your purpose!”

The other guard who looked pale but seems to be of higher agility gave me an intense stare. I will call him Pale


They are speaking in English? It’s either because of my INT stats, that lets me understand language easily or they are really using English.


I raised up both my hands and said: “I am a lost traveler looking for a place to rest.”


The villagers had features same of Americans and Europeans with bright coloured hair, while I had the Asian looks with dark black hair. So it was obvious I do not belong in this region.


“You look like you are from Zidai. But you are coming from the south. Why is that?”

Mr.Muscle gave a curious look.

“I, I am not sure. It seems like I lost my way.”


Zidai sounds Asian or Japanese, so the people there should look like me.

Well, I can’t really tell them I am from another alternate world right?

[Skill Persuasion obtained]

[Skill Fraud obtained]

Persuasion? I quickly did a check when the two guards were discussing.


Persuasion (Level 1/10) ~ Not learned

– You become more persuasive (5%)

Fraud (Level 1/10) ~ Not learned

– You can deceive people easily (5%)

Even speech skills can be upgraded huh? This is getting too easy, but why fraud?

It seems the villagers cannot see my skills window. So I swiftly added points to the skills I just obtained.


Persuasion (Level 10/10)

– You become more persuasive (50%)

Fraud (Level 10/10)

– You can deceive people easily (50%)

You have 3820 skill points left


Pale having some doubt. “We noticed the Black Queen flew there yesterday. Did you witness any battles?”

“I saw a red wyvern fought with the black serpent. But I don’t know what are they.”

Mr Muscle gave a shocked expression. “You don’t know of the 4 Sky Beasts?! Where are you from?”

“A.. A far away place, I fell asleep and woke up in the valleys..”

Pale and Mr. Muscle discussed among themselves, then turned to look at me.

“Hmm.. I see.”

“Let’s bring him to the chief to decide.”


That easily?! (Persuasion and Fraud skill is too handy!)


“Thank you..”



Part 2

I was led to the best looking hut in the village, along the way, I feel like stares were directed at me. When I entered the hut, I saw a man in his early 40s seated at the table in the center of the extensive living room.

Saying it is a hut makes it feel under-rated, the inside of the hut looks to be well reinforced with cement. It even had a well equipped kitchen.

The two guards left the hut after the man gave a nod. He was in the process of making a pot of tea.

He looked at me and said: “Take a seat young man.”

I hesitated as my real age wasn’t anywhere close to being young. But in this world I only looked like a 15 year old.

I took a seat opposite of the man and was trying to guess what kind of tea is he making. As its fragrance drifted throughout the hut, I was reminiscing the afternoon tea Kris always used to make during our break.


“I have heard from the guards that you traveled from the valley.”


His voice was deep and husky. He looks to be well-trained with battle scars like an ex-soldier or someone who have fought in a war.


“My name is Gawain, leader of the pioneer village here. People around here call me Chief.”

“I am Jin, it’s nice to meet you Chief.”


Isn’t Gawain one of the Knights of the Round Table in King Arthur’s tale? Maybe it’s just a coincidence.


“I can feel strength from you.. For such a young age to have so much power, are you one of those ‘Users’?”



Chief Gawain and I had a long chat about the country’s history and where could I go to find more information about going back to my own world.

Apparently, every once a few dozen years there will be a phenomenon called the “Generate” that happens by nature. So someone or something will be summoned from another world.

The last time, 36 years ago, the legendary sword Excalibur got summoned into this country, Camelot, which the current King Arthur pulled out from a cave filled with demons and monsters. King Arthur then used the sword to fight against the corrupt ruler Gastrof. Gawain is one of his Knights of the Round Table who fought with King Arthur. He is now leading this pioneer village ‘Farvale’ to expand Camelot’s land.

Every monster or warrior in the world has their own Rank. Ranks start from the bottom F Rank all the way to S Rank.


Each Rank has a class system:

F Rank: 30th to 1st Class

E Rank: 20th to 1st Class

D to S Rank: 10th to 1st Class


10x F Rank warriors is equivalent to 1x E Rank warrior

10x E Rank = 1x D Rank

40x D Rank = 1x C Rank

30x C Rank = 1x B Rank

20x B Rank = 1x A Rank

10x A Rank = 1x S Rank (Isn’t a S Rank almost an one-man army?!)


In this world, an average person can only reach Rank E/1st Class. The difference between a Rank E to Rank D is what decides if you have the potential to be a Knight or just another warrior.

Chief Gawain here is a Rank C/1st Class Knight. When he ask what Rank I was, I couldn’t answer and said I did not know. He said the Adventurer’s guild, Knight or Wizard School in the capital city Granzen can test out what is my Rank, but he guesses, I should be a D Ranker(How can I come clean now that he made his judgement?!). He also mentioned Camelot’s strongest warrior now should be Sir Lancelot which is Rank B/5th Class.


“Well, you don’t have to be that uptight about your Rank. Not all Users are strong, most of them come into this world as an average individuals.”


He explained to me. Youngsters my age are normally in a knight school or wizard school and study until the age of 17. And that it’s best for me to study in one of them as I do not have any knowledge of this world.

Back to how I arrived in this world. I was curious about what were those beasts in the valleys earlier today, so I inquired about the beasts. Gawain wasn’t surprised, as he mentioned to me the Four Sky Beasts often fight each other for territories. But what I witnessed was most likely the fight of both rulers of the Blood Wyverns and Dark Serpents.

Four Sky Beasts are the Blood Wyverns, Dark Serpents, Toxic Manticores and Illusion Moths.

The bosses of each of the Sky Beasts species are at least Rank B/3rd Class, the minions are mostly High Rank C ~ Low Rank B. Adventurers and Military tend to avoid fighting with one unless necessary.

After all the talking and explaining, Gawain told me he have to continue this session another time. He asked one of the guard to arrange a place to stay for a few days. He will arrange some food and supplies for me to travel to Granzen.