“What the?!”

A huge black serpent was flying towards me with tremendous speed. Just five seconds ago I was still resting on the rocks after walking for a period of time.

The serpent crash into the ground just a hundred meters in front of me, the momentum dragging it towards me.

I looked for anything to stop the serpent from crashing into me, only to find a kitchen knife?! I shut my eyes and pointed the knife towards the direction of the serpent.

The black serpent started to slow down due to the rough rocks underneath it and came to a complete stop.
*Stab*, the kitchen knife stab right into the left eye of the serpent. It let out a deafening HISS, struggled for a bit and suddenly… There was no sign of movement, it’s dead.

[You have ranked up]

[You are now Rank S/4th Class]



1 hour before…

With the leftover ingredients, I was whipping up supper for my staffs, who had just finished a tiring full day’s shift at the restaurant.

The aroma wafting out from the kitchen was drool inducing, causing the staffs to work up an appetite.

As the owner and head chef of a quaint family diner that offers affordable yet scrumptious food, my specialty was taking simple ingredients and turning them into soulful meals that melted all the stresses built up over the day.

All the staffs looked forward to “Owner’s Supper”, which took place every Friday evening because it marked the end of the week and the start of the weekend.
Jin: “Supper is ready!”
Sous Chef: “Alright! Set the table and dig in!”
The staffs set the table and proceeded to wolf down the various dishes.
Staffs: “Thank you for the meal!”
Feeling satisfied, I returned to the kitchen, and set about cleaning and tidying up. Pots, pans, spatula, whisk, seasonings all placed within an arm’s reach. This was all done to ensure optimal efficiency in the kitchen.

Every second counted in the kitchen during peak hours. Should anything disrupt the pace and flow, or waste precious time, it would mean the difference between a steak seared to perfection, or a failed dish to be discarded along with the potato peelings.


Sous Chef: “Hey Jin, come over and join us!”
Jin: “I’m fine Kris. Go ahead. I am stuffed just watching you all enjoying my dishes”
Kris: “Aww come on, can’t you just sit beside me? Pretty pleaseee?”
Jin: “Shut it, you brat..”
Kris was the kitchen hand that I had hired when I first started seven years ago as the new owner of diner. She worked her way up to the kitchen’s second in command at the same time becoming the closest thing to a family that I had.

How did she manage that at her young age? Call it a combination of a woman’s intuition and an uncommon intelligence.
I am man of few words, so in order to be my right hand, one would have to possess the innate ability to read my thoughts and act accordingly. Kris was the only one on my staff crew who had the knack for doing just that.
Kris: “Che, as usual.. Go ahead boss, you have earned yourself an early-release. I’ll take over from here.”
Jin: “Oh how kind of you, I’ll hold you to it then. See ya’ll tomorrow guys! Make sure to clean up afterwards!”
Staffs: “Thanks boss!”
My apartment is just a few blocks from the diner. As usual, I paid a visit to the nearby convenience store to buy some groceries for breakfast the next morning. After reaching home and dumped the items in the fridge, I went to take a hot shower.

As I lay down on the bed and could not help thinking how my life seemed to be stuck in this endless cycle. Going to the diner, preparing the ingredients, cooking, cleaning up and coming back home to an empty house. No lovers, no relatives that wants to have any concern with me.

Sometimes I wished I would wake up in another world where I can go on an adventure, become a hero.. A life filled with a sense of purpose.
I closed my eyes and drifted off to asleep, unaware of how this wish of mine was soon to be fulfilled.


I woke up in a place surround by mountains.
Thinking that I am in a lucid dream, I did some reality checks.

If it was a dream, one could float or fly instead of succumbing to gravity, so I tried jumping.
“Gravity, check.”

Looking if one has ten fingers. If was a dream, one would sometimes have more than ten fingers.
“Ten fingers, checked.”

Maybe this is just a very realistic dream?

I started walking around the area, it was full of rocks and uneven ground making it hard to maneuver around. Looking around, it seems this place was in the valley of mountains. No sign of life anywhere, I sat down to brainstorm about my next step of actions.

Five minutes later. A roar could be heard, echoing through the valley. I looked up and saw two beasts clashing in the skies! One was a blood red drake with huge wings, the other was a devilish jet black serpent with numerous small wings and emitted dark aura.

These giants were considered to be two of the four strongest Sky Beasts in this world, and these two particular beasts are revered as gods among their species

The red dragon was the ruler of the Blood Wyverns. They inhabited the west and lived in the mountain caves. It had strong hind limbs and flies using wings where the front limbs would normally be, an evolutionary trait that developed over millions of years to adapt to their natural habitat. They were stout and had hides tough as titanium, they stood tall at fifty meters, boasting a monstrous sinewy chest which housed fire glands, the source for their fire breath.

Whereas the black serpent was the Queen of the Dark Serpents. They reside in the eastern skies, nesting on the sky ferns which grew thirty thousand feet above the land. Their bodies were light as feather, but strong as adamantine. Unlike the Blood Wyverns, they have meandering bodies that stretch up to a hundred meters long. Using their natural ability to gather static energy and release it as lightning, striking prey down from above.

If the Blood Wyverns could be represented as a weapon, it would be the long sword. With razor claws and scorching flames, cleaving rending and reducing prey to cinders. Spears would best represent the Dark Serpents, using their deadly fangs and raining thunderbolts down on unfortunate souls.

Sky beasts typically have the average ranks of C/3rd Class to B/5th Class. When monsters or beasts reach a rank of A, they would attain a name and can branch out to have it’s own faction.

Gemes the Blood King(Rank A/10th) was readying his wings,poised to lunge at Daghi the Black Queen(Rank A/9th).

Daghi was charging her thunderbolt and taking aim.

Just as Gemes launched towards his target, Daghi let loose the thunderbolt!

Gemes rolled to the right, dodging the thunder and returned a volley of fireballs.


The surroundings of these 2 sky beast were devastated, mountains had bore craters and the earth underneath the beasts were left charred and barren.

I took precaution not to get too near, but could feel the shockwaves every so often.

Gemes slashed at his foe but didn’t manage to cut deep enough.

Daghi wrapped her body around the drake and mulled it with her lightning-charged fangs.

Blood spilled where Gemes made his slash, but in turn the fangs paralyzed his right hind limbs.

Glowing scarlet could be seen beneath the chest of Gemes, as it mustered a fiery breath.

Seeing the chance, Daghi charged up a lightning bolt at breakneck speed and released it at Gemes chest.

Lightning pierced Gemes chest and fire was seen trickling out of the puncture and triggering an explosion!


Daghi was flung back by the explosion and flew towards the direction of Jin. She crashed into the ground only to be stabbed in the eye.

Feeling excruciating pain, she felt her life force leaving her body, letting out a small sigh.


[You have ranked up]

[You are now Rank S/4th Class]

[You have obtain the Title: Sky Beast Slayer]

[You have obtain the Job Class: Combat Chef]



To be continued…


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